"Networking under palm trees": The A-Trust partner event 2024 at the Palmenhaus

The image shows an event taking place in a large, light-filled room with a glass roof and palm trees in the background. Two men are standing on a stage in front of a black curtain, speaking to a large group of people who are attentively listening. On a screen behind the speakers, the text 'A-Trust Sommerfest - Networking unter Palmen' is displayed. The attendees are mostly dressed in business attire, and the atmosphere appears professional and business-like.

This year's A-Trust partner event on June 5, 2024 was a complete success and reflected the strength and cohesion of the A-Trust community.

Exciting conversations and valuable encounters: A look back at the A-Trust partner event

At the beginning of the evening, Markus Vesely and Sven Glöckner, the management of A-Trust, gave a motivating opening speech to the numerous national and international customers and business partners. They emphasized the importance of cooperation and mutual trust, which form the basis for joint success. Their words set the tone for an evening full of exciting and informative program items.
A highlight of the event was the keynote speech "From stone wedge to digital identity - can homo sapiens do it" by Gregor Fauma, who was named Speaker of the Year in 2022. With his captivating presentation in his unmistakable Viennese style, he not only made the audience think, but also smile. Fauma's humorous yet profound insights into current developments and future trends provided valuable inspiration that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Networking & artistic entertainment

Following the inspiring keynote speech, the quick-drawing artist Xi Ding provided entertaining and lasting memories. Guests had the opportunity to have themselves immortalized in humorous caricatures, which made for many laughs and lively conversations. The musical backdrop to the evening was provided by a live jazz band, whose performance created an atmospheric ambience and invited guests to relax and network.

The summer party provided an excellent opportunity to celebrate the successes of recent months with the business partners. In the relaxed atmosphere of the Palmenhaus, the participants toasted the milestones achieved together. The focus was on sharing ideas and experiences, promoting mutual understanding and collaboration. The relaxed environment and delicious buffet enabled guests to make new contacts and maintain existing relationships.

CEO Markus Vesely looks back on a successful event: "Our A-Trust Summer Party 2024 in the new format was a complete success. A big thank you to all the participants who made this evening such a special experience. We are already looking forward to the next edition in 2025, when we will also be celebrating our 25th company anniversary."