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Take full advantage of the potential of digitalized working environments and rely on efficient process optimization in your company with our Signatur-Box (signature server). This allows you to sign documents across Europe in a legally valid and completely flexible manner, independent of time and location. The Signatur-Box is a highly secure solution that adheres to the strictest compliance guidelines: During the signature process, only a hash value of the documents to be signed is transmitted to the high-security data center. This way, sensitive data remains protected.

Use the Signatur-Box for your business

Get a digital lead for you and your business and secure a competitive advantage in your industry.

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Process optimization

With the Signatur-Box, you revolutionize signature processes and increase your efficiency and response speed. Sign documents securely and easily, even at different company locations.

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Sovereignty over sensitive data

With the Signatur-Box you are on the safe side! Sign effortlessly while adhering to the strictest data protection and compliance guidelines. At no time does sensitive data leave your company with our on-premise solution.

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Conservation of resources

Save your monetary and time resources by quickly and easily signing numerous documents electronically in a qualified manner with just one click thanks to our batch signature. Conserving resources also means being environmentally friendly.


Prepare your company and your employees for a dynamic competitive environment and focus on maximum flexibility and agility. In this way, you strengthen your home office culture, relieve the burden on employees and react faster than ever before, e.g. in the case of contract closings.

Your advantages at a glance

You and your company will benefit from these and many more advantages when implementing the Signatur-Box.

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Simple implementation

The Signatur-Box is customized to your individual needs and, thanks to more than 4 million users of the A-Trust QES (e.g. ID Austria), easy to implement and integrate in everyday business.

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The Signatur-Box accelerates and simplifies internal processes. Thanks to innovative authentication options, (external) partners can also be quickly integrated into the existing system.

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Legal certainty

The QES (e.g. ID Austria) is legally equivalent to the manual signature throughout Europe, but is much better protected against misuse and forgery. Thanks to a qualified time stamp and LTV, you guarantee maximum evidential value - now and in the future.

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Secure investment

The Signatur-Box stands for excellent cost efficiency and guaranteed legal compliance. Those who dedicate themselves to the topic of digitization now are not only investing in their own future, but are also securing a digital advantage.

Success Stories

Our success stories from satisfied customers

Logo Notarity

With the successful implementation of our Signatur-Box, notarity shows that the electronic signature is an essential part of digitization and what advantages it has in practice.

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Logo OFI

With the implementation of the A-Trust Signatur-Box, OFI demonstrates that electronic signatures play a fundamental role in digitization and offer considerable advantages in practical use.

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Further information

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Looking for an upgrade?

If you not only want to sign documents visibly in the future, but also seal them with your digital company stamp, our qualified company seal can be easily implemented in your Signatur-Box.

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