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We are the reliable and trustworthy partner when it comes to security in the digital space. A-Trust has stood for compliance, integrity and convenience for over 20 years.

Ready for an upgrade? With the A-Trust Signature APP, you not only sign documents faster and more conveniently, but also rely on the highest possible security.

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Our products for companies

Secure the digital lead in your industry, e.g. by accelerating and simplifying internal processes thanks to our Signatur-Box (signature server). This saves you valuable time and minimizes your integration effort.

With our qualified electronic company seal you seal eIDAS-compliant throughout Europe (e.g. for the EU database EPREL).

As the market leader in the field of cash register certificates, we offer various online and offline solutions.

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A man shows his colleague something on his screen; she watches intently and smiles. A man shows his colleague something on his screen; she watches intently and smiles.

Our products for the public sector

Especially in the public sector, where highly sensitive data is handled, it is important to be protected in the best way possible! Your data security is close to our heart and with the Signatur-Box you are guaranteed to be on the safe side.

Authenticate your government organization using an authority signature (“Amtssignatur”) or benefit from service and community ID-cards that offer additional advantages (signature, encryption, identification) and security.

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A firm and benevolent handshake. A firm and benevolent handshake.

Our products for individuals

With the qualified electronic signature (QES) from A-Trust (e.g. ID Austria – your Austrian eID – or xIDENTITY), you can sign documents flexibly and completely independent of time and location.

You also gain access to numerous e-services from businesses and administration. This is how you can handle the process of signing official documents digitally – conveniently from the comfort of your own home.

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A young woman sits casually on the couch and uses her smartphone. A young woman sits casually on the couch and uses her smartphone.

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The image shows an event taking place in a large, light-filled room with a glass roof and palm trees in the background. Two men are standing on a stage in front of a black curtain, speaking to a large group of people who are attentively listening. On a screen behind the speakers, the text 'A-Trust Sommerfest - Networking unter Palmen' is displayed. The attendees are mostly dressed in business attire, and the atmosphere appears professional and business-like.


"Networking under palm trees": The A-Trust partner event 2024 at the Palmenhaus

This year's A-Trust partner event on June 5, 2024 was a complete success and reflected the...

Two professional people shake hands and smile. Two other people sit and smile at the other ones.


A-Trust and Vizibit: Digital signatures directly in your preferred programs

From now on, users can sign directly in their preferred Microsoft Office 365 and Google...

The images shows two people shaking hands. Their faces are not shown, which leads the focus to the gesture of the handshake. In the background there are two people. The handshake takes place over a table on which documents are lying, from what you can assume that a contract of some sort is being sealed.


Stronger together: A-Trust and Autenti join forces for innovative solutions

Autenti users now have the option of signing their documents conveniently and easily via...

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