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A smiling young man uses his smartphone on the move.A smiling young man uses his smartphone on the move.

Together with our partner XiTrust, we have developed xIDENTITY (EU-Identity Mobile). This qualified electronic signature is not only eIDAS conform, which guarantees legally valid signatures in the entire EU area, but in contrast to ID Austria, it can also be issued without Austrian residency. Thanks to an increasing number of innovative identification options, you can obtain your xIDENTITY conveniently and easily, within minutes.


Benefit from the numerous advantages of xIDENTITY both privately and in business.

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Easy application

Issuing the xIDENTITY is easy and without bureaucratic hurdles. Thanks to different innovative procedures it can be issued even within minutes, from home.

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Legal certainty

With xIDENTITY, you sign in compliance with eIDAS and are thus guaranteed to be legally valid and secure throughout Europe. The digital signature is virtually impossible to forge and can be easily verified at any time.

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Maximum flexibility

Sign documents at any time and from any location, thus optimizing processes in internationally networked business by forwarding documents flexibly and without media discontinuity.

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Simple Implementation

xIDENTITY ist the ideal business solution: Employees and external partners can be integrated quickly and easily with little effort.

How to get xIDENTITY

To activate your xIDENTITY, you can use the following identification options.

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Video identification procedure

Authenticate yourself easily and conveniently from anywhere within 10 minutes. All you need is an ID card, a mobile phone, and a device with Internet access and a webcam.

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Registration officer

Through our training (also possible virtually) of your employees to become Registration Officers, they are enabled to independently issue the xIDENTITY on site in your company.

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Authentication via German ID Card

People with a new German ID card (nPA) can also authenticate themselves easily using their smartphone and the ID card's NFC chip.

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