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Montage: A laptop stands on a desk, in front of it three symbols representing documents; a person digitally signs the top document with a pen.


Design signature workflows efficiently & securely: With the new Hash2Sign software from A-Trust

A-Trust's constantly expanding product portfolio has now been enriched by an innovative, user-friendly...

A firm and benevolent handshake.


Promising cooperation: A-Trust and intarsys combine their strengths

intarsys x A-Trust: The German provider of signature solutions, intarsys, and Austria's leading...

The image shows an event taking place in a large, light-filled room with a glass roof and palm trees in the background. Two men are standing on a stage in front of a black curtain, speaking to a large group of people who are attentively listening. On a screen behind the speakers, the text 'A-Trust Sommerfest - Networking unter Palmen' is displayed. The attendees are mostly dressed in business attire, and the atmosphere appears professional and business-like.


"Networking under palm trees": The A-Trust partner event 2024 at the Palmenhaus

This year's A-Trust partner event on June 5, 2024 was a complete success and reflected the...

Two professional people shake hands and smile. Two other people sit and smile at the other ones.


A-Trust and Vizibit: Digital signatures directly in your preferred programs

From now on, users can sign directly in their preferred Microsoft Office 365 and Google...

The images shows two people shaking hands. Their faces are not shown, which leads the focus to the gesture of the handshake. In the background there are two people. The handshake takes place over a table on which documents are lying, from what you can assume that a contract of some sort is being sealed.


Stronger together: A-Trust and Autenti join forces for innovative solutions

Autenti users now have the option of signing their documents conveniently and easily via...

European flag flying in the wind


Digital Europe: eIDAS Regulation adopted in the EU Parliament

Last Thursday, the EU Parliament officially approved the regulation on the European Digital Identity...

A dense forest photographed from a bird's eye view, with the treetops showing different shades of green. The view is such that no paths or other man-made objects can be seen between the individual trees, indicating an untouched landscape.


Paperless, environmentally conscious: the new EcoStats feature

The new feature in the A-Trust Signature App shows your resource conservation through...

A young man is sitting at a desk in front of two laptops and a screen and is programming.


RK Developer Info: URL changeover in March

Attention RK developers: Due to the continuous development and improvement of our...

A laptop stands on a desk. On it, the hands of a woman in a business look.


Qualified sealing without limits: with the business solution from A-Trust

More and more companies are already relying on the qualified company seal from A-Trust to seal...

A young, smiling man sits on the couch and uses his smartphone


Finally: Handy-Signatur has migrated to ID Austria!

Everyone has been talking about it for a while, now it's a reality: ID Austria has gone into full operation....

A notebook lies on a desk; a symbol of an imaginary document floats in front of the notebook's screen; it is signed with an imaginary pen.


Hash signing with A-Trust: New opportunities for strong partnerships

Our qualified electronic signature has been seamlessly integrated into numerous signature platforms, ERP...

A woman is using her smartphone and smiling.


ID Austria: Things to know about two-factor authentication

On 05.12.2023, the conversion of Handy-Signatur to full operation of ID Austria is imminent. In our last...

A woman is using her smartphone and smiling.


All Facts about switching from Handy-Signatur to ID Austria at a glance.

On 05.12.2023, the Handy-Signatur will finally and completely migrate to ID Austria. We‘ve summarize the...

Screenshot: Example of a phishing e-mail sent in the name of A-Trust.


Warning: Phishing scam attempts in the name of A-Trust

Beware of fake emails: The emails allegedly sent by the A-Trust Service Center or Oesterreich.gv with...

A person types on a notebook; two transparent symbols float in front of the screen; documents are indicated on the right and a checked-off certificate on the left.


Important information for developers

Attention developers: as of today, our certificates will be converted to "Generation 09"....

A Fido token is connected to a laptop


FIDO2: "YubiKey" now available in the A-Trust webshop

The "YubiKey 5 NFC FIPS" FIDO token from Swedish manufacturer Yubico is now available in the A-Trust webshop....

A Person with a cell phone in their hands is sitting in front of a laptop


Handy-Signatur app becomes A-Trust Signature app

The "Handy-Signatur App", which is well-known among Handy-Signatur users and represents a secure option...

a hand operating a smartphone in the dark


Warning: Phishing scam attempts with fake A-Trust web links

The Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) is currently warning against fraudulent email and SMS messages sent...

A stack of printed documents is checked.


Media discontinuities: No problem with signatures from A-Trust

"Discontinuity-free"or (Media) „disruption-free“ are popular buzzwords in the field of process optimization...

View over the shoulders of a woman on a smartphone with the A-Trust signature app open.


Important information: Use of Handy-Signatur still possible!

You can continue to enjoy all the benefits of your Handy-Signatur without restriction while Handy-Signatur...

Markus Vesely and Konstantin Wollinger smile into the camera before their presentation.


The e-government of tomorrow: Austria as a role model

This year's ADV e-Government Conference on June 21 and 22, 2023 attracted a large number of representatives...

Two fitting puzzle pieces are being hold next to each other. On one puzzle piece there is a green “X”, which stands for the logo of XiTrust. On the other puzzle piece there is a red circle with a white “A” in it, which stands for the logo of A-Trust. The backround is blue.


A partnership based on „Trust“: XiTrust & A-Trust

XiTrust and A-Trust have been working together successfully for more than a decade to combine the best...

A red dice with a white exclamation mark on it. The dice is on a wooden surface.


Important information on the discontinuation of the ‚e‑Tresor‘ web service.

One piece of information first: You can find your data from the e-Tresor in your A-Trust account at

A man is sitting on a brown leather couch and is smiling at his laptop. There a two bigger plants behind the couch.


A-Trust account: More functionality and better usability.

On 15.11.2022 the time has come: the Handy-Signatur account account will also be upgraded and will become...

The image shows two people shaking hands. One person is wearing a gray sweater, and the other person is in a black and white striped garment, suggesting a business environment


A strong partnership: A-Trust & DocuSign

The time has finally come: users of DocuSign eSignature can also use Handy-Signatur or ID Austria to quickly...

A professional portrait of a smiling man standing confidently. He's dressed in a business suit with a white shirt and a dark blue jacket.


Sven Glöckner completes the A-Trust management team as CFO

Since July 1, 2022, Sven Glöckner has formed the management of A-Trust as CFO together with CEO Markus...

a panel discussion at the IKT KONVENT 2022. There are 7 people on stage with a large screen displaying the profile of a speaker. The audience is watching the panel discussion.


ICT Convention 2022: The big opportunity for Austria.

At the ICT Convention in the “Aula der Wissenschaften” on Monday, representatives from industry-leading...