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Friendly young woman operating a cash register in a café.Friendly young woman operating a cash register in a café.

Years of expertise and the right offer for every need: With the introduction of the cash register obligation in 2016, A-Trust worked together with cash register providers to develop professional full-service offers that include the legally compliant implementation of the cash register security regulation (“Registrierkassensicherheitsverordnung”; RKSV) announced for April 1, 2017. In the meantime, A-Trust has also advanced to become the industry leader in the area of cash register certificates.

A solid partnership

A-Trust offers solutions you can rely on: As with all of our products, in addition to the simple implementation, we focus on the highest security standards and the guaranteed compliance with the law as well. In case of changes in the legal situation, we guarantee a free replacement of our smart cards.

The Cash Register Security Regulation (RKSV)

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The RKSV requires that every cash receipt must be digitally signed as of April 1, 2017. Only certificates from qualified trust service providers may be used for this purpose. The cash register certificate from A-Trust meets all legal requirements. The signatures created with it are based on a legally compliant process with a secure signature creation device.

Wer kann Partner:in werden?

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Your benefits

A good partnership brings many advantages. Cash register partners of A-Trust therefore benefit in many ways.

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Partner Listing

We are proud of our partnerships and are happy to list you on our partners page, including logo, URL and short description of your company. This way, you will increase your company's visibility and make it even easier for end customers to find you.

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Logo usage

Certificates from A-Trust stand for the highest security standards. Draw attention to the technical and legal uniqueness of your cash registers through the free use of logos - an offer exclusively for partners.

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Cards activation

As an A-Trust partner, you can activate smart cards independently and thus enjoy independence and maximum flexibility.

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As a partner, you can also benefit from discounted technical support, which is always available to assist you in all matters.

How to become a partner

Simply fill out the partnership contract and enjoy the many benefits.

Cash register product portfolio

Tailored to your individual needs, we offer you the right offline or online cash register solution. With a.sign RK CHIP you can easily sign using a smart card, based on the technology of the A-Trust signature cards.
In our HSM portfolio you will also find various products that work entirely online and therefore do not require a smart card. The different signature volumes make it possible to find the ideal offer for your company as well.

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Logo „A-Trust Certificate“

The "A-Trust Certificate" logo may only be used by cash register partners and is available to them for free use.

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