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Amtssignatur (authority signature)

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a.sign seal Amtssignatur is a secure certificate for public authority employees and enables the creation of digital signatures as well as the encryption and decryption of data. It thus allows unique authentication on the network and helps protect sensitive data.

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The authority signature enables unambiguous authentication as an authority or as its employee.

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Forgery-proof signatures

Provide documents with one of your own official signatures. This electronic signature cannot be forged, but it can be verified.

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Protected data transfer

Rely on protected data exchange and data security through message encryption and decryption.

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Available for online purchase

a.sign seal Amtssignatur can be conveniently ordered online via a quick and uncomplicated registration process and does not require any additional hardware.

Requirements for the issuing of the Amtssignatur

For the authentication of the respective legal entity and the issuance of its Amtssignatur, two requirements must be met.

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Affiliation with Austrian authority

The a.sign seal Amtssignatur offer is specifically aimed at Austrian authorities and organizations with authority status. Belonging to one is therefore a prerequisite for acquiring an official signature.

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Clear identification

For the issuance of the Amtssignatur, a clear identification of the person authorized for the authority is necessary. This requires a qualified or manual signature and an official stamp.


All prices in € exkluding 20% VAT

a.sign seal Amtssignatur

a.sign seal Amtssignatur - Certificate (per year)€ 50.00

3 simple steps to an Amtssignatur

Get your seal from Austria's leading trust service provider in 3 easy steps.


Fill out form

Fill out the order formon our website and sign the document as a person authorized for your authority either qualified (e.g. with ID Austria) or manually (in this case a copy of ID is also necessary) and put the offical stamp on it.


Select payment method

Choose whether you want to pay for the signature annually by direct debit, or once per invoice for the entire duration of the certificate's validity.


Certificate issuance

We will then issue your Amtssignatur certificate and send it to you. You can then create official signatures for your authority on your own.