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Sign PDF documents quickly, easily and legally with your qualified electronic signature from A‑Trust (e.g. ID Austria).

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Signature solutions for all needs:

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Digitizing signature processes

As a qualified trust service provider with more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital signature solutions, A-Trust is your competent partner when it comes to securely digitizing your signature processes. Together with our numerous professional partners, we are guaranteed to offer you the right solution for your company.

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Integrate A-Trust QES

By implementing the A-Trust QES in your signature software or platform, you enable all users to easily sign documents with their existing A-Trust QES via the familiar iFrame. The A-Trust QES is already used by 3.8 million people in Austria and the ID Austria is available free of charge for Austrian residents. With xIDENTITY, you can also quickly and easily integrate new people – even without Austrian residency.

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Enhance workflows

Do you already have digital workflows and would like to add a signature process to them? A signature process with A-Trust QES can be seamlessly integrated into various systems such as document management, customer relationship management or content management systems. This allows you to add a secure signature process to your workflows and benefit from a holistic solution without media discontinuity.

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Simply secure with the A-Trust QES

The business solutions from A-Trust offer many advantages - see for yourself.

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Fast & efficient

With your solution from A-Trust or A-Trust Partners, you can sign documents securely and quickly, completely independent of time and location. Thanks to batch signing, you can sign numerous documents in just one signature process.

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Sign easily with your existing A-Trust QES (e.g. ID Austria) via the familiar iFrame. With the implementation of the A-Trust QES, not only more than 4 million users are immediately integrated, but relevant stakeholders are also quickly and easily equipped with an eIDAS-compliant qualified signature at any time if required.

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Legally valid & secure

Qualified electronic signatures from A-Trust meet the highest security standards and are legally equivalent to traditional, manual signatures. With your QES, you not only sign with legal validity throughout Europe, but also ensure that documents cannot be subsequently altered.

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Versatile solutions

We provide qualified signatures, qualified company seals, qualified time stamps and long-term validation from a single source. We offer our customers and partners various integration options: Whether on-premise, hosted or hash signing - A-Trust is guaranteed to be the right choice.

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Files up to a maximum of 20MB can be signed.

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The document can be downloaded after being signed.

All documents are automatically deleted no later than one hour after they were last accessed.

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If you have any problems with the PDF signature service, please contact our support team.

If you have any questions about your ID Austria, please contact the free BRZ service line on +43 1 71123 - 884466, available from Monday to Friday, 8:00-16:00, or

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The PDF signature via this portal is offered free of charge for private individuals. You can find more information on commercial use here. You can also find an overview of all business solutions here.

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In addition to this basic ID Austria service for citizens, A-Trust offers further practical services for commercial use of the A-Trust QES. You can find the various business solutions here.

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A-Trust offers various options for integrating the PDF signature into existing workflows (e.g. DMS, CRM, CMS or various signature platforms or signature software, etc.). Contact our sales team for an individual consultation.

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Signing multiple documents at once (batch signature) is not supported in the free version.

Signatur-Box (signature server) or a solution from A-Trust Partners, which includes the batch signature, is required for the batch signature.

You can find an overview of the A-Trust business solutions here: Products for companies

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No qualified time stamp is applied in the PDF Sign Tool. Private users can use their A-Trust account for this purpose: a qualified time stamp is automatically applied to the document during each signature process, which confirms the official time of the signature.

The qualified time stamp is also included with every new signature box and can also be integrated into various solutions. Further information on the qualified time stamp can be found here.


You are interested in a signature solution from A-Trust? Our sales team will be happy to advise you!