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Sign PDF document

Sign PDF documents quickly, easily and legally with your QES from A-Trust (e.g. ID Austria).

Select a file that you want to digitally sign and upload it. Tip: Drag the document directly onto the area marked red.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the PDF signature service

File size limitations

Files up to a maximum of 20MB can be signed.

What are the costs for the PDF signature

The PDF signature via this portal is offered free of charge. For commercial use, you can find information on the following website.

Commercial use (www.a-trust.at)

Commercial use

In addition to this basic service of the ID Austria for citizens, A-Trust offers other services for commercial use.

For those interested, more details can be found on the following website.

Commercial use (www.a-trust.at)

What happens to my document after it is signed?

The document can be downloaded after being signed.

All documents are automatically deleted no later than one hour after they were last accessed.

Integration into existing document management?

A-Trust offers various possibilities to address the PDF signature in existing workflow solutions.

Further information is provided under the link below.


Who can I turn to if I have problems?

If you have any problems with the PDF signature service, please contact our support team.

If you have any questions about your ID Austria, please contact the free BRZ service line on +43 1 71123 - 884466, available from Monday to Friday, 8:00-16:00, or buergerservice.oegv@brz.gv.at

Sign multiple documents at once

Signing multiple documents at once (batch signature) is not supported in the free version.

A Signature-Box is required for the batch signature; more information is available on the following website.