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Increase the integrity of your homepage and strengthen the trust of your customers at the same time with our a.sign SSL certificates: If an SSL certificate has been issued for a domain, the page can be accessed via an encrypted connection. This way you ensure that data is transferred between web server and client without misuse. The identity of your server or domain is confirmed by A-Trust and can be verified during communication.


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SSL certificates are only issued for companies in the Austrian or European company register.

If the domain holder is an organization, the data will be verified by A-Trust by means of an extract from the Austrian Company Register or the European Business Register (EBR). In addition, an official photo ID of the authorized representative(s) is required.

If the applicant organization is not a registered company, the verification is performed by submitting a copy of a document proving that the organization actually exists - a recent extract (not older than three months) from a competent official register or comparable documents. In addition, verification may also be carried out using databases of trusted third parties. If the person authorized to sign for your organization is not named in the company register or EBR, you must also submit proof of your authority to sign.

The authorization whether you are allowed to use the specified domain name is checked in the databases of the registration organizations and DENIC. The key length must be at least 2048 bits (RSA). Only SHA-256 is accepted as hash algorithm.

The certificate request must contain the values C (nationality of the domain holder or country of the organization's registered office) and CN (domain name). Optionally, the values O (organization name according to the company register) and OU can be set.