Promising cooperation: A-Trust and intarsys combine their strengths

A firm and benevolent handshake.

intarsys x A-Trust: The German provider of signature solutions, intarsys, and Austria's leading trust service provider, A-Trust, have formed a strategic partnership. By integrating the A-Trust interface into intarsys software solutions, intarsys customers now have the option of using A-Trust certificates, such as ID Austria or xIDENTITY, to create qualified signatures. This cooperation offers considerable added value for internationally active companies and opens up new opportunities for joint projects, especially within the Austrian market.

About intarsys

intarsys develops and distributes high-quality, easy-to-integrate, and technologically advanced software products and components. These solutions meet the highest standards for electronic trust services such as signatures, seals, time stamps, and verification and preservation services in accordance with the eIDAS regulation and ZertES (CH).

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