A-Trust and Vizibit: Digital signatures directly in your preferred programs

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From now on, users can sign directly in their preferred Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace programs with the A-Trust interface.

A-Trust and the Croatian company Vizibit, a provider of signature solutions, have joined forces in a pioneering collaboration. This partnership enables the legally compliant signing of documents using the "Signator-LITE" add-in directly in the Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace programs.

Integration and simplicity at the highest level

By integrating A-Trust's qualified electronic signature (QES) into the "Signator-LITE" add-in, A-Trust customers are offered an extremely efficient and eIDAS-compliant solution. This innovative integration not only enables seamless handling of processes such as authentication, signing and signature approval, but also ensures smooth use for both individuals and teams.

This holistic package, which includes authentication as well as signing and approving signatures in the Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace programs, represents a significant advancement. The integration of A-Trust QES into the add-in enables users to sign documents quickly and easily without having to leave their familiar working environments. This comprehensive signature solution is not only designed to increase work productivity, but it also results in significant time and cost savings for companies and organizations.

Markus Vesely, CEO of A-Trust: "I am delighted that, thanks to the cooperation with Vizibit, we can offer our customers another highly secure and extremely easy-to-use solution for their digital business processes. The integration of our QES into the add-in meets all legal and security requirements for digital identity and authentication and enables us to support our customers in fully exploiting the potential of digitalized working environments and successfully shaping their business activities."

Robert Vurušić, CEO of Vizibit: "A-Trust's products are in line with our vision of secure and trustworthy digital solutions for the connected world. Thanks to the many users of the A-Trust QES, this cooperation enables us to reach a large new customer segment that can now also discover our product worlds, such as the SIGNATOR Suite, a signature platform which securely digitizes contractual documents ranging from invoices and contracts to personnel files."

About Vizibit

Headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, the international company has established itself as a major partner for business and government since its foundation in 2014. Vizibit offers innovative solutions for the security and authentication of digital documents and has multiple ISO certifications (27001, 27017 and 9001), underlining its commitment to compliance with internationally recognized standards for information security and quality management.